1st international meeting: 19. - 22.06.2003 in DEAUVILLE
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The meeting:

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Deauville meets Deauville


Accommodation and journey Accommodation and journey
List of participants List of participants
Information and photos Information and photos
Legal notice Legal Notice
Who had THIS idea?Who had THIS idea? Who had THAT idea ???
Accommodation and journey

Please notice that your journey to Deauville has to be planned by yourself!
Help for your planning (mapguides etc.) you find at our link-page.

Also your bookings you have to make by yourself!
On this website you find a list with accomodations in and around Deauville - camping sites and hotels. See "Hotels".


Help concerning online-bookings you find also at "Links - accomodation". But not all the hotels and camping sites have an own website or e-mail-address!

For shure there are friends and groups who want to travel and stay all together - please organize this in your forums or post messages at the forum on this website.

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List of participants
List of participants

As soon as you made you bookings please subscribe in our list of participants!

We need the number of bikes and participants for our planning! AND the town of Deauville MAY offer an own parking place for our meeting - what will be decided by judging the number of bikes! So it's better to subscribe and not to come than the other way round!

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Information and photos
Infos und Photos ... concerning Deauville and Normandy you find at
"Links - Deauville/Normandy" and "photos".
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Legal notice

We would like to emphasize particularly that we are no organisation, no club, no company etc. but private motorbikers, all driving Honda Deauville. We liked the idea of a meeting in Deauville, France, so much that we wanted to support european Deauville-Drivers to realize the idea of an international meeting.

So we help you with lists of accomodations, interesting links in the internet so you can easily plan your way to Deauville and information about parking places in Deauville for probably a lot of bikes.

All this we like to do and don't do it for money, and also you don't have to pay anything (in advance) (what didn't make it easy concerning the organisation of the dinner-evening for all bikers ;-) ).


What we can't do and don't want to do is taking responsibility or liability concerning the meeting in Deauville - not for you, for your bike or for our organisation - for nothing !


So your flexibility and own engagement is requested! See your participation as a holiday trip with own responsibility and on your own risk - and the possibility to meet many other Deauville-Drivers coming from all over Europe.

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